You Got The Silver, You Got The Gold

Anita Pallenberg was born on January 25, 1944 in Rome, Italy. She began modeling as a teenager and became fluent in four languages at a young age. Before settling in London she lived in Germany, Rome and New York, where she was involved with the Living Theater appearing in the play Paradise Now, as well as becoming part of Andy Warhol's Factory crowd.

In 1965 she met Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones in Munich where she was doing a modeling assignment. They immediately became involved with each other. This was the start of a tumultuous two year relationship, known for heavy drug use and abuse by Jones.
Brian was known for liking to hit women, especially Anita. So while on vacation with the Rolling Stones in Morocco, Anita left Brian for Keith Richards. Brian was sinking deeper into drugs and had began beating Anita more. In 1967 Keith and Anita's love affair began that would last over a decade.
The two had three children together, Marlon born in 1969, Angela born in 1972, and Tara born in 1976 but died ten weeks later. It has been said that Anita openly did heroin during her pregnancies.
Keith and Anita were notorious for their drug use, both being heavily addicted to heroin. There's a tale about how Anita almost set her and Keith's bed on fire when she dropped her cigarette while yelling at Keith to have more sex with her. 
"Wild Horses", "Sister Morphine", "You Got The Silver", "Coming Down Again", "Angie", "Beast of Burden" and "All About You" were written about Anita by Keith Richards.
Anita was an actress in the '60s and '70s, starring in cult classics like Barbarella and Performance.
In Barbarella
In Performance 
In Performance
Keith and Anita stayed together until 1980, though they were never married. Over the years Anita has become a legend for her relationship and adventures with the Rolling Stones. Living in excess for 15 years with the Stones. 

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