Stephanie Chernikowski

Stephanie Chernikowski moved to New York in 1975 to be met by the emerging punk rock scene. Her early photographs depict many of the greatest punk artists during that era. She also went on to photograph some of country music's finest. Her photographs have been published in many books and featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

Bruce Springsteen
Patti Smith

David Byrne
Johnny Ramone, Chris Stein and Debbie Harry
The Cramps
Debbie Harry
Dee Dee Ramone
The Cramps
Dizzy Gillespie
Elvis Costello
Marianne Faithfull
Richard Hell
Henry Rollins
Hilly Crystal
Richard Hell
Henry Rollins
Iggy Pop
Joey Ramone
Johnny Ramone
George Jones
Little Richard
Michael Stipe
Mick Jagger
Mirror Portrait 
Dolly Parton
Patti Smith
Carl Perkins
Patti Smith
The Ramones
Sid Vicious
Sonic Youth
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Michael Stipe
Talking Heads
The Police
Andy Warhol
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson
(all photos by Stephanie Chernikowski)

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