Elaine Mayes

Starting in 1983 Elaine Mayes started a series of photos titled "Portraits of Musicians on Television". With the premiere of MTV changing the way people looked at music, Mayes felt that this was the the beginning of the end of live performances for many fans. So while watching MTV one night she saw Debbie Harry come on the screen. She began thinking that this is the way that most people will see her and other artists, a moving picture on the screen. So she took a picture of the screen with a little darkness around it so that she could capture her favorite stars the way that millions of people are seeing them. Her favorite pictures are the ones that have the artist looking straight into the camera, which she says is a difficult, sometimes impossible, photo to capture.

Debbie Harry
Mick Jagger
Bob Dylan
Cindy Lauper
George Harrison
Grace Slick
Michael Jackson
Debbie Harry
David Bowie
James Brown
John Lennon
David Byrne
Jim Morrison
Elton John
Elvis Presley

(all photos by Elaine Mayes)

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