The Riot Hyatt

During the 60s and 70s the Continental Hyatt House was the preferred hotel for all musicians staying in Los Angeles. It was only a couple blocks up the strip from The Whiskey A Go Go, and The Rainbow Bar & Grill. It has become famous for the wild antics and parties that the musicians would have there.

Led Zeppelin would rent up to six floors every time they would come to stay. John Bonham was reported to have driven a motorcycle down the halls of the hotel.
Rock stars such as Keith Richards and Keith Moon, among others, were known for throwing tvs off the balconies.
It was a normal scene to see the band's baby groupies in the hotel's coffee shop, teetering around in their platform shoes and hot pants.
Jim Morrison lived there until he was reportedly evicted by management for hanging out a window by his fingertips, dangling over the pavement.
In the movie Almost Famous, the band stays at the Hyatt House. These scenes were actually filmed at the hotel, where they refurbished part of the hotel to have the exact same decor as it did in the 70s.
It has since become a high end hotel called the Andaz West Hollywood. Though it is nothing of what it used to be, we still have the stories and legends of this rock hotel.

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