Miss O'Dell

 "Chris O'Dell wasn't famous. She wasn't even almost famous. But she was there"

Miss O'Dell is a fantastic look into the life of Chris O'Dell, a woman who went from living in Los Angeles not knowing what to do with her life, to moving to London and working at Apple Corp. From there she went onto work with The Rolling Stones on their infamous tour supporting Exile On Mainstreet. She worked with Bob Dylan, The Beatles, CSNY, Derek and the Dominos and many others. She also became best friends with Pattie Boyd after moving into Friar Park to help fix it up. She is the Miss O'Dell in the George Harrison song "Miss O'Dell". She was there when George Harrison told Ringo that he was in love with his wife. She was there for some of the most famous Beatle recording sessions. This book is such a page turner, she lived such an incredible life. It's a different kind of look into the scene of London and Rock n Roll in the 60s and 70s.

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