Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T-Shirt

After quitting the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1992, John Frusciante began recording solo albums in the midst  of his heroin addiction. The first one being Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T-Shirt released in March 1994. It combines avant-garde and stream-of-consciousness styles, with guitar, piano and various effects and synthesizers on a four-track recorder.

Heroin's influence on Frusciante was very prevalent on this album, many of the songs being composed of noises, sounds, and the vocals either sped up or slowed down and the second half of the albums songs all being titled "Untitled" followed by a number. The song "Running Away Into You" was featured in the art video Stuff, directed and filmed by friends Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes of Frusciante's home at the time.

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  1. The photo is a reference to Rrose Sélavy a french surrealist "woman".